2014 comes: New year's Eve live wallpaper with animated 3D fireworks display

Enjoy New Year's Eve with a stylish and beautiful §D fireworks display live wallpaper in front of stylish and colorful New Year's Eve and 2014 related HD themes such as 2014 sparkle and glitter themes, dropping shiny flares and so on....3D animated fireworks display wallpaper theme

Android Live Wallpaper – Get set for the New Year with the New Year’s Fireworks Live Wallpaper

The New Year is beckoning on all of us. Also various activities to mark the arrival of another season are going on. However, you may wish to know that it is not everyone who will witness the occasion that will enjoy it to the fullest, but rather, those who are ready for it. Will you be among the few who will herald the arrival of the New Year with dazzling display of fireworks? Of course this is the way to go if you own an Android device which can display the Android live wallpaper.

Therefore as you wait eagerly for 2014, you might wish to move with the trend and decorate your Android screen with the New Year’s live wallpaper.3D animated fireworks display wallpaper themeSparkle 2014 number theme

Here we are talking about glittering live wallpaper with a sparkling display of animated fireworks. Surely you want to be in the mood for the New Year eve.

What could be more exciting than having a view of an explosion of colors right there before you in your home, hotel room, office, relaxation resort, yes wherever, as long as your Android device is with you? This explosion of colors might seem to go on without end. Blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and on it goes. What could be more intriguing or captivating?

Since the wallpaper has become one of the most popular apps of any modern cell phone, one which commands the most attention, many people are now using it to highlight their individuality and personality. Thus you can tell the story of who you are without uttering a word. Only let the bright or dull scenery of your device’s wallpaper do so.

Therefore having the Android live wallpaper could project you as someone who is indeed alive and also fun to be with. Being seen with the New Year’s fireworks live wallpaper depicts you as someone who is socially up to date, and who is really in tune with the reality of the times.

It is not difficult to send these fantastic background images to your device. A visit to the ever popular Google play should be the right step in the right direction. Following some simple and easy prompts should see to the download and installation.

Android live wallpapers with images of animated fireworks have become the trend in fashion among the people who want to celebrate the entrance of the New Year 2014 in style and fun fare.

Enjoy New Year's Eve and welcome 2014 with this awesome 3D fireworks live wallpaper! Style and beauty on your Android device included and guaranteed!